Rural Locations


The UK has some great rural hair and beauty salons.  However, many salons in rural locations find it hard to recruit qualified stylists and beauticians. Many of the problems stem from general economic patterns affecting many types of rural business.  Due to rising housing costs in the countryside, many qualified stylists in their 20’s and

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Staff Training


Hair and beauty salons can really benefit from employing apprentices.  According to research, many companies that invest in apprenticeships report improved productivity and increased staff morale. The British Chamber of Commerce reports that employing an apprentice can drive up the skills of the workforce, particularly in small businesses like hair and beauty salons.  Apprentices bring

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British Hair and Beauty Staff Are the Best


International salons often favour British trained hair and beauty staff.  A key reason for this is our rigorous, standardised, training and qualification system.  It is a system that is globally understood and respected.  Stylists and beauticians at all British training institutions can work through Levels 1 to 3 Certificates and Diplomas regulated by HABIA (Hair

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British Stylists and Beauticians Working Abroad


British stylists and hairdressers enjoy and really benefit from working abroad, particularly in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.  Muslim countries, particularly in the Middle East have skills shortages within the hair and beauty industry.  Many Muslim women do not work, and it is not seen as acceptable for men to see a woman with

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